Further guarantees pledged as Blaze Power FEAR Tech Reactor rescues Bitcoin

As with the enigmatic rise of Bitcoin to levels never ever seen in the history of any currency after we backed Bitcoin with our legendary Mark I power device. We want to further confirm that we still back Bitcoin 100% with our devices as the new world reserve currency with all tariffs and charges accessible only through Bitcoin (we DO NOT accept any other currency due to their speculative and inflationary monopoly money prone nature). In other words we do not accept “illusionary” commerce that creates trillions out of thin air by virtue of congress cinema and a signature from a USA puppet president i.e the “debt ceiling” charade as we call it, which actually in reality has no ceiling. We do not accept fake money which is USD as the world knows it, which ironically if not ideally is “666” i.e United (6) States (6) Dollar (6). Looking at the prophetic description and reality this is quite difficult to ignore. A matter of life imitating art as they would say or a matter of the USA art of the con being reality? To the point, we are also still providing and offering unlimited electricity to the Bitcoin mining endeavour as we continue to forge ahead with implementing a fair and honest future for those that believe in fairness and good morals.

This is now the doorway and new path to the future. With the first deployment being the TAPPING Project i.e Trans Africa Power Producing Interconnected Network Grid which is a power grid that is powered by this reactor stretching from Cape to Cairo & beyond. It will be cheaper for any nation to buy power from this grid than to produce it themselves. This will make nuclear “so called” energy unprofitable (if it ever was given TEPCO Fukushima bankruptcy). This will be a peaceful way to replace the global nuclear madness as well as the fusion pipe dream making for a cleaner, safer planet, cost effectively and practical – Keep watching this space as we transform from concept to reality

Further Guarantees Pledged

In essence we are offering electricity free Bitcoin mining allowing anyone to mine profitably again since we generate electricity without overhead courtesy of our power generating machines see Blaze Advanced Technology as one of the solutions & for those trying to breakeven financially, that rely on an income can join us at Quantonium which is even more lucrative than Bitcoin mining or trading at its best, see Quantonium

All these websites & our group are backed by sovereign technology that no one in this world understands nor can ever have, which has greater value than even USA & USD combined, even the planet because logically anyone who can get to all or any of the resources in space is wealthier than everyone on Earth, without even having to compete or fight with anyone on Earth because anything in existence is only yours, only if you can get to it (emphasis added where appropriate). We trust this cools any propaganda or misguided assumptions that Bitcoin or the future are in jeopardy or failing for any doubts surrounding the sovereign, independent nature nor competency of our enterprise & products. We trust you understand the necessity of our seemingly (to some) over generous nature because having everything in the universe without the Earth, the cradle of biological so called life as we know it, is pointless thus if we have to sustain the world (at our cost) given the “authentic” value of our group then such an overhead is pathetically petty in light of the “universe” grand scheme of things. Only a fool will abandon Bitcoin now

We can’t solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them → Albert Einstein