Virtual Bitcoin Miners

This is the ultimate new concept of Bitcoin Mining. Mining without the fuss, we do all the lifting & you the profiting. Blaze Power Corp™ has opened up the largest mining opportunity in the history of Bitcoin mining. Combined with our clearly unrivaled zero fuel & nuclear free unlimited electricity power grid generators means that we have absolute zero cost when it comes to electricity. This translates to mega profits for you since you are not paying for the electricity (the electricity is free), you only pay for the miner (yes absolutely nothing to pay for electricity) meaning you breakeven on your investment in just 6 months only regardless of which of our miners you are using (this is calculated pro-rata the current Bitcoin price, earnings, hash rate as well as price of the actual Bitcoin miner). It is not hard to tell the advantages of such an arrangement. Simply put you get all the advantages of Bitcoin mining without the actual problems associated with having a physical Bitcoin miner. In essence you are owning a Bitcoin miner that is simply being managed for you remotely unlike cloud mining that is simply selling you network hash rate

The Concept

You are only paying for the actual Bitcoin miner itself & we connect it to the mining pool on your behalf (in our jurisdiction overcoming any legal obstacles you may have from owning a miner in your country) & plugged into our renowned free electric energy power grid. This also saves you on high courier shipping charges & customs charges associated with shipping an actual physical Bitcoin miner to your country. In other words you are getting all the benefits of a miner without the headache of actually owning a physical miner, including wharehousing & land issues (as you know land is not an issue in this jurisdiction) or service & maintenance. We have access to unlimited miners thus availability is also not an issue. We always have miners to sell. This is not cloud mining, there are no electricity fees & all that other garbage. We are strictly as per reputation, no BS. This is the same as full miner ownership not leasing, you can even take delivery of your physical miner if you thus wish at any time (you only pay for the courier charges to your country or jurisdiction). In a nutshell we are doing all the difficult work for you regards the complexity that is considered Bitcoin mining


There are no special requirements or lengthy forms or procedures to follow. Simply supply your Bitcoin Wallet Address, buy your miner from us & that’s it, your Bitcoins are paid directly to your wallet as your miner does all the work, then sit back, relax & get rich mining for free. We will send you a direct link to the pool (the largest pool) to monitor your miner (in real-time as it works including miner hash rate, amount mined etc). To buy a miner, visit our Miner Shop HERE or use the drop down menu option above. Once you have paid you will immediately receive your link (faster & better than waiting for the mail). You have an option to open an account should you later want to take physical ownership of your miner. Details as well as full instructions are available on request and are pretty straightforward to understand. Another new and clearly only from Blaze Power Corp™. The Green Planet Patriot.