S9i – Legacy Miner (14.5 TH/s)


The legendary almost invincible S9i Legacy Miner @ 14.5TH/s. The perfect entry level miner for zero power cost mining to “test” the waters in more apt, simpler terms

Virtual Bitcoin Mining

This is the ultimate new concept of Bitcoin Mining. Mining without the fuss, we do all the lifting & you the profiting. Blaze Advanced Technology™ has opened up the largest mining opportunity in the history of Bitcoin mining. Combined with our clearly unrivalled zero fuel & nuclear free unlimited electricity power grid generators means that we have absolute zero cost when it comes to electricity. This translates to mega profits for you since you are not paying for the electricity (the electricity is free), you only pay for the miner, yes absolutely nothing to pay for electricity meaning you break-even on your investment in just 6 months only, this is calculated pro-rata the current Bitcoin price, earnings, hash rate as well as price of the actual Bitcoin Miner